Rapid insights, clearer goals.

Bid farewell to countless hours spent deciphering your competitors' moves. In just seconds, gain valuable insights that empower you to stay one step ahead and achieve your goals.


Collect, track, and analyze your industry’s content-verse with ease.

Content Library

Automated Data Analyst

Brand Tracker

Creates a historical account of both social content and ads within your industry.

SoMin automatically finds and saves the content of your competitors so that you can always stay on top of what's going on in your industry.

More than just keywords, find content through high level advertising concepts.

We enable you to search with the concepts surrounding your content. With SoMin concept search you can find content based on audiences, insights, customer needs and more.

Gain insight into your industry by understanding how every piece of content fits into the puzzle.

SoMin understands and finds connections between advertising concepts so you can easily see the bigger picture.

Analyze thousands of content within seconds.

SoMin does the heavy lifting by generating quick read reports within seconds, so you can go straight to the work that will make your business succeed

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This kind of approach of combining LLMs and in-house AI allowed us to come up with a novel application in the Martech industry that otherwise wouldn't have been possible without the existence of LLMs.

Prof. Aleks Farseev

CEO & Co-Founder

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